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Is My Hot Neighbor Flirting with Me?

I just made my first big move to a new city and as I was moving in, I met my (super attractive) next door neighbor. There's no question I'm attracted to him, but I thought he was just being nice introducing himself.

Yesterday he came over and asked if I had a spare quarter for the washing machine (men's version of asking for sugar?). I gave him one and he gave me change. He also asked my name again, and was smiling and I think flirting a little bit?

It wasn't until after he left that I wondered what the odds were that he actually needed another quarter. I should point out he's got a roommate too so why would he need to go directly to the new girl to get a quarter (there are 4 apartments on the floor of my building)?

Thoughts on whether he's just being friendly or trying to be flirty?

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4625 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States