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How do I make friends in an apartment complex?

I moved to this MASSIVE apartment complex. 90% of the people here are established families with no interest in having a life. But every once in a while - from my window, or in the lobby, or on the bus going through the complex - I'll see someone about my age that looks like they might enjoy a few beers on a weekend or even going into the city to get trashed. These are people I want in my life.

But . . . how do I make that happen? The kind of people who enjoy a 24 pack or a beer pong game or a movie marathon are not the kind of people who go to apartment-organized functions, or enjoy being propositioned for friendship by a total stranger. And honestly, I'm not sure how I'd do it if I wanted to - I've never had to work that hard to make friends with people. (I am pretty outgoing.) And as far as I can tell, there are no bars close enough to the place to just go there and peg down people from my complex.

How do you make friends in a new complex starting from zero? Any further thoughts on my predicament?

First, you join Neighborly Friends, but in the meantime you can follow up on some of the suggestions below... 

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