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How do you get to know your neighbors without seeming like a weirdo?

Neighborly Friends is here to cure all of this. Now you can actually meet your neighbors, here! 

"We've been living in the same building for three years and don't even know our neighbors' names! Now we're about to move into a new place and hoping to change this but I don't know how."

"There are no shared facilities we could chat while using, no shared space we might be in at the same time (not even a corridor)."

"I don't feel confident enough to jump straight to throwing a party… so I'm at a bit of a loss."

"I want to start off in the new place on the right foot, but I just don't know how."

Meet the cure to all of these problems, NeighborlyFriends.com, where you can meet your neighbors, here! :) 

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