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Who Is America?

Sacha Baron Cohen attacks everyone, he somehow finds a way to be non-partisan funny. Sure he pretends to be partisan but on all sides, which makes this a really entertaining show.

If you haven't seen the season finale, here's your chance to catch one of the funniest segments; conservative men attempting to blend with liberal lesbians. 


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Why Not Try Reducing Partisanship in Government?

In his Farewell Address, George Washington warned the nation of the dangers of partisanship in an elective government like ours. He advised that “the common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it in the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it.”

Partisanship is tearing this country apart. One of the strong proponents of working across the aisle, the late Senator John McCain, was just laid to rest. This would be a good time to reflect on things we can do in our good state to discourage and restrain partisanship.

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Rise Above Partisanship

When we hear a supporter of Donald Trump or of Hillary Clinton or any other politician today, do we immediately make unrightful judgements rather than contribute to a healthy debate over policies or ideas?

We need to start holding ourselves, and each other, accountable, especially now that there is one less person in the limelight reminding us to leave our bias at the door.

The best way to honor McCain and everything he stood for is to always be cognizant of how we treat other people, especially those who might have differing beliefs than ours.

The time to take political party affiliation over personal traits and goals and ideals is over: live on in McCain’s memory by focusing on what truly matters,

Be proud of America and hopeful for what it could be, even if you think the world is a mess right now.

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In a Divided Era, One Thing Seems to Unite: Political Anger

Ken Storey was in a pique, the kind that often seizes and overwhelms the better judgment of people who follow politics closely these days.

Hurricane Harvey was about to douse Texas with deadly flooding, and Mr. Storey had identified the culprit: Republicans. “I don’t believe in instant Karma but this kind of feels like it for Texas,” he tapped out on Twitter, between bites of a taco over lunch. “Hopefully this will make them realize the GOP doesn’t care about them.”

Those 145 characters, which soon bounced around among conservative activists online and became the subject of several Fox News segments, would cost him his job as an adjunct sociology professor at the University of Tampa, incite death threats, strain his relationship with his parents and, nearly a year later, leave him living on two part-time jobs that pay less than a third of what he used to earn. His rent, car payments and electric bills are all past due, he said in a recent interview.

“When you Google my name, that’s what comes up,” Mr. Storey said, explaining that he believes the Twitter episode has hurt him as he struggles to find new work. “I thought it would blow over.”

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Welcome Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Socialists, Communists, Libertarians, Aliens from another planet, Liberals, Conservatives and Everyone Else not mentioned here!

This is Neighborly Friends, where we're all friends!! 

There's no need for any divide. Just Talk It Out!! :)

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Flirting in Traffic - New Modules Added!

Flirting in Traffic has never been this technologically advanced!

You can now see other members live on a map in real-time using our brand-new Flirt Locator and you can also now add your cars and other automobiles to Flirting in Traffic, making yourself easier to identify in those dreaded jam ups.

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One of my earliest memories is attending a kids’ disco at age 9. At the start of the evening, the girls were pressed anxiously against one wall and the boys stood nervously against the opposite wall. Everyone wanted to come into the middle and dance together, but we were all too shy to be the first one to step forward. Eventually, encouraged by each other, we got a little more confident, edging forward until the two groups finally met. The rest is dance history.

Isn’t reaching out to our neighbors for the first time a similar situation? We’re social creatures. We generally like knowing our neighbors and coming together is usually fun. Yet, who among us wants to be the first to step forward, to experience that nervous feeling of putting yourself before your neighbors face to face, not knowing what reaction you’ll get?

Starting is always the most difficult part. I’ve been there: Standing on a stranger’s doorstep on a chilly night, nervously ringing the bell, hoping that the answer won't be hostile. But, as I’ve discovered from my early doorbell ringings at age 8, the majority of neighbors are happy to open their doors to good intentions.

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Moving is a stressful life event in more ways than one, and making new friends is one of the scariest parts of a big relocation. When I moved across the country from Iowa to Oregon, my first big scare was when I realized I didn’t have my best friends to lean on anymore– I was all alone (cue sad music).

What I came to realize, though, is that there really are a lot of easy ways to meet new people in your neighborhood, whether you’ve just moved or you’re simply looking for some new friends to hang out with– it just takes courage, determination, and a few motivational pep talks in the mirror. Here’s how to meet new people in your neighborhood...

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The Disadvantages of Dating Your Neighbor

Do you really want to feel like a criminal on your own turf if things go bust?

Dating a neighbor can be tricky. While there are advantages to dating someone who lives within such close proximity, a certain amount of risk is involved. If and when things go sour, avoiding the other person will be difficult.

When the Relationship Goes Bad, There’s Nowhere to Hide

So before you do something rash tonight ask yourself these five questions:
1. Do you really want to worry about how you look every time you leave the house?
2. Do you really like your alone time?
3. Do you really want to see them with somebody else?
4. Do you really want them to see you with (or hear about you being with) someone else?
5. Do you really want to feel like a criminal on your own turf if things go bust?

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Flirting With a Neighbor

Flirting with a neighbor can be easy. After all, the two of you are going to come in contact with each other in a number of settings that naturally lend themselves to chatting and bantering. You can make her laugh and make her smile, engage in more challenging flirtation and move things into a more overtly sexual realm. You might be uncomfortable doing this because she’s your neighbor, but here’s the thing: If you start with funny and playful, by the time you escalate to something more sexual, you two are already going to have established a rapport.

The girl next door. It has a different meaning when you’re all grown up and living on your own. Still, you might find that you’ve met a girl next door (or down the hall as the case may be) that you want to pursue something with. There are risks there, but the rewards might outweigh that. If you decide that you want to pursue something, The Art of Charm is in your corner to help you make it happen.

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Quote of the Day

"We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next door neighbor." -Gilbert K. Chesterton

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